MEANIE™ logo (Meta-Data Enabled Architecture Natively Integrated End-to-End)

Say Hello to MEANIE™

MEANIE™ is the toolkit behind the solutions we build at JSX. It provides us — and our clients — with security, strength and reliability.

MEANIE™ (Meta-Data Enabled Architecture Natively Integrated End-to-End) allows high-performance and high-scalability web applications to be built in a fraction of the time it takes for traditional development models. This strong framework for managing data allows for the safe and rapid addition of multiple modules. The speed of development and stability of MEANIE™ translates into faster development and cost savings for the client in the near and long-term.

Contextual intelligence is built into MEANIE™, supporting automated processes and workflow. A few examples of the contextual intelligence that MEANIE™ has to offer are data-type recognition, format validations, automated validation to secure logical data entry, and data specific searching. With these built-in tools, MEANIE™ is used to streamline and accommodate all types of workflow and processes.

A constantly evolving platform means steady updates and additions to the MEANIE™ platform. The JSX development team and usability experts are constantly looking for ways to make the platform smarter. Hosted clients automatically get the benefits of these new additions - no installs, no upgrades, no additional costs - just smarter software.