Small Business Solutions

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Solving problems for small businesses is at the core of what we do. In the past, a business that wanted a product that was specific to their needs had two choices: pay an exorbitant amount of money to a company to build their product (and continue to pay for updates) or buy a product that was an ill-fit and try to force it to work for them.

Our configuration-based platform provides our clients with the flexibility of custom-built software and the affordability of off-the-shelf products. SBS spends a great deal of time listening to our clients and then tailoring our platform to fit their unique requirements. There are minutia in every field. Our framework allows us to accommodate that minutia, adding those little things that make the difference between a product that works and one that is great to work with.

SMALLe is our base product for small businesses, offering an information management system with the functionality to enhance small business goals. With base features like e-mail broadcasting and customer data management, SMALLe will not only help your business grow, but will grow with your business. Highly customizable and web-based, SMALLe accommodates a wide array of businesses.

CASE STUDY: The Independent Stylist

Working with a local salon, JSX built a customized practice management database, allowing for salon owners and stylists to manage their workflow. Taking it beyond online scheduling and workflow management, The Independent Stylist offer automated tools to enhance marketing techniques.

Client Management

A simple dashboard give stylists the ability to easily and quickly access client information, including appointments, Smart Emails, and client-specific products and services. Designed with the user in mind, The Independent Stylist interface is clean and functional.

Product Management

A full, comprehensive and customizable Product Management system gives stylists and the salon owners the ability to manage product stock and sales, making The Independent Stylists and all-in-one management system.

Smart Emails

Built-in templates and simple customization tools, offer stylists a user-friendly automated e-mail system. Smart Emails not only take care of the busywork, but add marketing and sales tools for stylists to take advantage of.