Nonprofit Solutions

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Managing operations is a top priority when adopting technology in the nonprofit sector. Our unique products cater to the unique needs of nonprofit organizations. Customizable web-based software provides nonprofit organizations with a solution that eases managing operations and increases productivity and efficiency on multiple tiers.

Time trackers, member application management, organized contact information and meeting schedules are the baseline for nonprofit solutions. Building from the basics, the diverse, talented, and attentive JSX team listens to and addresses particular software needs of nonprofit organizations. Specializing in enhancing and improving workflow through connecting disparate systems to create all-in-one functional and comprehensive databases, JSX Nonprofit Solutions are innovative and efficient.

Recogonizing the unique challenges of nonprofit fundraising, JSX worked with other industries leads to form -- a exciting new platform for online fundraising.

CASE STUDY: San Diego Pride

Working with San Diego Pride, JSX developed an online contact and event management database. The [PR]ide [O]nline [U]nified [D]atabase can be customized to meet specific needs of various Pride Organizations. Multiple user levels support both administrative and participant access.

Volunteer Portal

Linking to the SD Pride database, the Volunteer Portal offers a simple and quick way for volunteers to register and sign-up for volunteer shifts. All data entered auto-populates into the Staff Portal, decreasing data entry and improving communication.

Mobile Site

The SD Pride Mobile Site gives Pride attendees the ability to access all event information via a mobile device. Organizers and volunteers are also able to login to the SD Pride mobile site to access important information in their database.


The talented JSX graphic design team worked with SD Pride to bring their vision to life. Both clean and functional, the SD Pride website offers easy navigation tools and all web forms integrate directly with the SD Pride database.