Internships Opportunities at JSX

The internship program at JSX offers students the opportunity to experience first-hand the good, bad & the ugly of developing, marketing and supporting Cloud-based applications.

JSX interns will be heavily immersed in day-to-day company operations. While education is a key portion of the JSX internship experience, we focus on education through deep involvement in company activities. Interns are given both the rights and responsibilities of full-time employees.

Internships are available both during the summer and academic year. While full-time interns are preferred, part-time internships are available. Unfortunately, JSX is not able to offer internship stipends at this time.

Internships are currently available in the following departments:

  • Software Development (Microsoft SQL Server, C# and jQuery)
  • Graphic Design & Marketing
  • Business Admnistration

To apply for our internship program, email a resume and cover page to