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Health information technology is rapidly redefining the healthcare industry and JSX is at the frontline building complex systems that cater to the unique industries within the healthcare sector. Escalating demands require a product that is flexible without compromising standards. Innovative rapid development, interconnectivity, and configuration respond to the ever-evolving industry requirements.

Protecting sensitive data and enhancing workflow are keys in the development life cycle, from conception to implementation. Combing integrity and dedication, our highly-skilled team specializes in producing innovative products that meet industry demands.

Case Study: Midwife Practice

Midwife Practice provides the unique and growing healthcare industry of midwifery with integrated web-based software. Midwife Practice is the most comprehensive midwifery-specific practice management system. In Midwife Practice, JSX defines the balance of building a complex system with an intuitive user interface. An integrated calendar, full-charting system, billing and lab integration, and patient portal allow midwives to streamline their workflow.


A customized dashboard provides midwives with quicklinks, giving them simple navigation tools relevant to their workflow. Quicklinks speed up the charting process, allowing midwives to spend more time interacting with their clients. Not limited to the dashboard, quicklinks are available throughout the whole system, enabling easy chart navigation.

Client Portal

Through the Client Portal, midwives' clients can have access to their health records. The Client Portal is completely customizable; supporting electronic forms. Converting paper hand-outs to an electronic format saves midwives both time and money, in addition to improving the efficiency of care and communication.

Flexible Charting

Recognizing that midwifery is a unique industry with variations in charting styles, Midwife Practice is highly-customizable. Giving midwives access to make their own customizations improves accurate documentation.

Automatic Calculations

Utilizing software intelligence, Midwife Practice offers automatic calculations throughout the system. Automatic calculations encourage accuracy and enable midwives to keep the focus on their clients and practice by having software that takes care of the "busywork" for them.

Case Study: Spondylitis

The Spondylitis Association of America (SAA) approached JSX to build them a solution that would empower and enable SAA members to efficiently track their personalized treatment plans. Completely customized, JSX built a SAA self-sign-up member portal with a built-in, comprehensive treatment plan manager. SAA members can now access and update their treatment plans via any internet-connected device, in addition to sharing their information with their healthcare providers.

Self Sign-Up

An easy-to-use interface supports simple and quick self-sign-up for SAA members. Members are immediately able to access their account and begin organizing their treatment plan, beginning with entering their treatment team’s contact information.

Symptom and Medication Tracker

Utilizing automated tools and built-in options, SAA members are able to choose from a wide range of symptoms and medications related to spondylitis. Members can include dates and times they experience symptoms, as well as medication dosages and preferred pharmacies.

Mobile Access

Symptoms can occur at any moment; therefore mobile access is key for SAA members. With a mobile site, SAA members are able to enter their database from any internet-connected device, including laptops, tablets, and smart phones.

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