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JSX government applications offer highly-customized solutions that will contribute to the value-addition process fundamental to workflow. Improving outcomes and defining workflow are essential to the maturation and growth of government entities. Every local, state and federal organization has unique requirements. The “one size fits all” software approach is outdated and uneconomical.

Excelling in the rapid production of customized systems, JSX works with government organizations to produce systems that are designed to manage specific workflows. Accommodating change in workflow, JSX solutions are easily adaptable to change, ensuring that applications are up-to-date.

Our team of experts specializes in producing form and workflow automation, offering a product that automates business processes through meeting compliance obligations and routing electronic data forms between users.

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Striving to improve documentation, while enhancing citizen and administration interaction, the Public Works online system offers both a comprehensive case management database and reporting tools. Cities can utilize the Public Works database to manage all aspects of pending, ongoing, and resolved service requests.

Public Portal

Citizens can go to the Public Portal to report potholes, graffiti, damaged street signs, and more. The report is then automatically transferred to the Public Works Database, alerting the department of the service request.

Service Request Map

While filing a service request, citizens can use the geotagging feature to quickly and accurately mark the location of the pothole, graffiti, damaged street sign, and other public works issues.

Resolved Service Requests

With notifications of when service requests have been filled and completed, the Resolved Service Requests feature brings the software full circle, automating communication between citizens and city staff, while ensuring that service requests are resolved.

PRODUCTS: Records and Document Management Download PDF

Accessing and managing documents and records to comply with federal, state, and local standards requires high levels of security and multiple access levels. JSX provides entities with the tools they need to manage and store this sensitive information.

Easy Upload

Quick and easy access to documents makes accessing and managing simple. Simple-to-use management tools eliminate unnecessary steps in retrieving documents. User access and system features are role-based, according to the organization.

Secure Archiving

Organize records according to specified standards, allowing for long-term content, context, and structure storage. Automated tools follow strict compliance requirements, securing the identity, storage, and maintenance of highly-sensitive data.

Audit Logs

Automated audit logs support version tracking and histories to ensure proper handling of documents and records. Unique and secure user levels regulate access. All user actions are electronically tracked and documented.

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