Flexible Software

Custom enterprise applications and solutions graphic

Every business and organization operates differently; building solutions on a solid foundation enables JSX to produce flexible software, catering to those different needs. JSX prides itself on being a client-centric company, listening to and addressing the specific needs of our clients. Highly-customizable and easily manageable, we specialize in building software solutions that are flexible to meet the demand of change and growth.

Here at JSX, we feel strongly that you shouldn’t have to alter your business processes to fit software, software should be altered to fit your business processes.

Customization does not mean that you have to sacrifice the advantages that are often found in off-the-shelf-products. While each JSX solution is unique, they all share a common core toolkit. The toolkit ensures that every project benefits from: automatic mobile device support, best-of-breed security, extensive code testing and much more. Utilizing this toolkit also secures stability and usability for all of our clients.