Enterprise Solutions

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Smart businesses and organizations use IT to support end-to-end internal processes, enabling them to streamline business processes and requirements. Investing in the right IT platform allows businesses and organizations to simplify their IT environment, consolidate their IT portfolio, and increase ROI while reducing overall IT costs. This smart, strategic investment also allows businesses and organizations to run more efficiently, improve the customer and employee experience, and increase stakeholders’ perceptions.

Searching for the right IT solution can take these groups down several paths: 1) buy a Commercial Off The Shelf software product and change their internal processes and requirements to fit what the software can deliver, 2) buy a Commercial Off The Shelf software product and pay to fit their internal processes an requirements, or 3) pay for a custom application to fit their internal processes and requirements. There are monetary and time costs associated with each path. This is why JSX works to provide custom enterprise applications that focus on rapid development and affordability.

CASE STUDY: IT Development and Business Processes

JSX accommodates all sizes and types of businesses through providing an IT platform that has minimal effect on existing and proven processes, while remaining affordable. With a software development methodology that values the balance between individuals and interactions, processes and tools, working software and comprehensive documentation, customer collaboration and contract negotiation, and responding to change while following a plan, JSX Enterprise Solutions knows the importance of both business and technical values.

Interactive Communication

Interactive communication between systems supports uniting disparate systems, as well as enhancing both human-computer interaction and human-human interaction. Combining these elements is key in developing a customized database that reinforces business processes.

Monthly Flow Chart

The Monthly Flow Chart is a base element in building Enterprise Solutions. Platform intelligence supports and incorporates all types of monthly flow charts, tracking criteria specific to your business or organization. Simple-to-use features utilize technology and improve human communication.


Documenting is key in business processes; comprehensive documentation is supported in all JSX Enterprise Solutions. Combining comprehensive documentation support and software intelligence, JSX Enterprise Solutions offer automated tools, decreasing data entry and enhancing the user experience.