About Us

Ben and Samantha Katz graphic

Beginning in 2000, our founder, Ben Katz, began building contact management and government compliance software that allowed for real-time sharing of information between offices, off-site consultants, and clients working from the field. By 2010, JSX, Inc. created a proprietary application development platform - MEANIE™

MEANIE™ allows high-performance and high-scalability web applications to be built in a fraction of the time of traditional development models. This strong platform for managing data allows for the safe and rapid addition of multiple modules.

Founder and CEO of JSX, Inc., Ben Katz, is one of the top leaders in the software development industry with nearly 20 years of experience and a unique approach to software development. Ben has been designing and building database systems for nearly 20 years. His products have included a wide range of functionality including robust contact management systems, accounting and regulatory compliance tools, and do-it-yourself website builders.

Ben is also the founder of two companies in the political technology space: CompleteCampaigns.com which he founded in 1999 and sold in 2008. In 2015, he co-founded Integrated Solutions: Political. He continues to serve as the Chief Architect for ISP.